Benromach 15

Speyside Session

A weekend at your girlfriend’s mum’s house is perhaps not what you might think is the natural hunting ground for a single malt scotch whisky tip.  You would be correct.  Minutes after BibCup’s arrival there were declarations made about the golden tipple, including the blanket statement of “I don’t really drink alcohol”.  Now here at BibCup we are nothing if not polite, especially when it comes to the people feeding and sheltering us for a weekend, and so we smiled and nodded and tried to show interest in the local village gossip.


However, when the resident Scotsman of the house declared “I don’t like whisky” even we struggled to maintain composure.  So it was lucky that this stunning as well as surprising statement was swiftly followed by a heart distillery recommendation. “Oh but whilst we were in Inverness we went to a distillery” BibCup’s ears were well and truly pricked.  Maps were produced and after 10 minutes of detective work it is declared that it was Benromach that had been graced with the presence of a heathen and a teetotaler.  Only a few more minutes passed before BibCup had a £42.04 bottle of 15 year speyside single malt winging its way south faster than the overnight sleeper out of Waverley.

The nose of this small distillery’s 15 year old is exceptionally gentle, soft and lush. It washes over you rather than running up against you.  Hints of caramelised lavender and a woodchip undertone swim beneath the pollen and pine of the main body of the scent.  To be honest it hints at a rather insipid dram.  This is at odds to the colour which is as rich as the golden box suggests, a dark amber tinged with emerald this is a drink that looks truly beautiful in the glass.


On the tongue it is soft, wood smoke comes later and there is a long finish of molasses, morels and demerara sugar.  The insipid threat of the nose is not fully founded although the dram is incredibly soft, so soft in fact that it could be drunk by the gulp if BibCup wasn’t so responsible.  The box’s promise of “stewed plums, darker hints of cocoa and a touch of smoke” is borne out well, although it should be noted that the whole package is a softer dram than that description may suggest.  The sherry and bourbon casks are clear to the eye and the tongue and overall the drink is superior to the nose.

So there we have it.  BibCup’s girlfriend’s mum recommended a decent dram that could absolutely while away an evening or two.  Whilst not the most spectacular of whiskies the Benromach 15 is certainly worthy of a place on your shelf.  For an easy drink that can be shared with those friends not so experienced in the was of single malt this would be an ideal bottle.




PS. I managed to go that entire review without mentioning the font.  But now I’ve mentioned it I have to say that it’s awful. It may as well be comic sans.

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