Spirit of Hven: Tycho’s Star

Swedish Supernova


A very drinkable soft, smooth wood tinged dram with a longer than expected finish.

The beaker shaped bottle and wooden box


Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn is a distillery found on the small island of Hven in the straits of Oresund that separate Denmark and Sweden.  One of the worlds smallest commercial pot still distilleries it produces a small range of whisky’s.  Tycho’s Star is the main production drink currently on the market.  What the guys there have produced is a fantastically drinkable whisky that could plausibly be bottled as one of the Islay distilleries’ main lines.  A rich golden brown colour calls to you from the distinctive bottle and wonderful wooden box.

The unique beaker shaped vessel conjures up memories of science lessons long passed and is sealed with wax that flows down the sides like lava pouring from a volcano. The feel of cracking that wax seal open really adds to the overall drama of the dram.

Hven, a small island nestled between Denmark and Sweden


On the nose it is gentle although short notes of soft leather hint at what is to come.  There is none of the complexity of a full peated Islay dram but Tycho’s Star certainly has enough to entertain the palate whilst remaining a whisky that can be enjoyed several drams at a time. A light sense of caramelised orange mixes with an end note that is calm and intriguing and rounds out the taste in an effective and entertaining manner.

If you are looking for a drinkable, affordable and solid everyday peat-tinged whisky then you Tycho’s Star is where your search could well end.  At just a shade under fifty quid a bottle it’s well towards the lower end of the Single Malt range.  The distinctive bottle also means that simply adding it to your drinks cabinet creates drama and a little bit of interest from your fellow whisky drinkers.


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