BibCup #1

Whisky is great.  It can be enjoyed anytime and in any place.  Every cask is different and yet you can blend two casks together to create something even more special.  Whisky allows you to paint a picture of the taste that you want to create.  No other drink is capable of doing so much within a few moments on the tongue.  A soft initial taste can mask a harsh kick, fruity overtones can give way to a spicy underbelly, and sometimes you just find a bottle that goes down all too easily.

Whisky is simple and yet complex.

You take water, barley, sugar and yeast and you turn that into some of the purest liquid that man has created.  Made in stunning locations around the world whisky is something that can truly be held up as a premium example of the simplicity of ingenuity.

Bowmore, September 2016
That’s why BibCup loves the water of life and this is why BibCup has decided to start writing down thoughts on this most excellent version of alcohol.

This blog will be a mixture of reviews, thoughts, and hopefully a few distillery visits.  As with a brand new batch of new make I don’t really know how the blog will mature.  In 3 years time it might be awful, or it might develop in the most incredible 12 year old you’ve ever seen.  Who knows.

Hopefully it will at least keep me, and perhaps you, entertained and maybe even informed as I wend my way through the realms of Whisky.

Thanks for reading,


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