Springbank 15

Smoky Creamy Grass “Have you ever tried a Campbeltown?” is probably a question that every whisky drinker gets asked at some point in their journey around the mysterious web of distilleries that are found across Scotland.  Seeing as this proud region has been reduced to just two distilleries often the answer is “no”.  Hopefully however... Continue Reading →

Tobermory: Ledaig 18

Scent of the Sea Tobermory is a name that conjures many thoughts in my head.  I’m of an age young enough to recall the famous multi-coloured seafront as the eponymous town in the children's television series Balamory.  However, despite being as brightly coloured as one of those houses, this 18 year old is all grown... Continue Reading →

Ardbeg: Uigeadail

Welcome Home Sometimes in life you experience the unexpected.  One can prepare for all possibilities and yet remember none of those, instead memories are formed from the very thing or instance that was not expected.  Ardbeg’s Uigeadail (which I shall be referring to as ‘U’ in order to care for my sanity) is a whisky... Continue Reading →

Islay 2016

Islay 2016 - An Anniversary Report Ah yeah it's a throw back, a retrospective, a chance to look at photos of me (yeh this is the first person) from a year ago.  When I was young...and not nearly thirty. Ah yeah, dreamin’ ‘bout those good times.  Yeh so a year ago my old man turned... Continue Reading →

Elements of Islay: Oc3

When I was a young man one of my main chores at home was to light the fire in the living room each winter evening.  I’m painfully aware that this makes it sound as though I grew up in a castle and that this is all getting a little bit Monarch of the Glen but... Continue Reading →

Nikka: Pure Malt Black

Japan is a nation that has always fascinated BibCup.  Although we’ve yet to visit this mystical and yet futuristic land we’ve certainly tried our best to experience it from afar.  From hours whiled away on Mario Kart and Final Fantasy to the (imitation) sushi that now finds its way into our lunch, Japanese culture permeates... Continue Reading →

SMWS New Launch: Spirited Tastings – 09.08.17

Don’t book stuff when you’re knackered You know when you’re exhausted. As in “I’ve just run twenty miles whilst feeding two energetic puppies, learning the 137 times table, and juggling four basketballs” exhausted...well that was BibCup last week.  Shattered.   It turns out that one of the things you shouldn’t do when you’ve been absolutely... Continue Reading →

Benromach 15

Speyside Session A weekend at your girlfriend’s mum’s house is perhaps not what you might think is the natural hunting ground for a single malt scotch whisky tip.  You would be correct.  Minutes after BibCup’s arrival there were declarations made about the golden tipple, including the blanket statement of “I don’t really drink alcohol”.  Now... Continue Reading →


The Capital's hidden gem It‘s not often that BibCup rides to an industrial park in Acton on an overcast Saturday in July.  But that’s just what BibCup was doing a couple of weeks ago.  With the anniversary of the seminal trip to Islay approaching the feelings of distillery withdrawal were running high at BibCup HQ.... Continue Reading →

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